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Fun, by Dr. Ogi Ressel

Tuesday, June 23rd 2009

Warm hellos to everyone!

Ok...let's chat about having fun in your office. Remember? Right....
"How do I spell that word, F.U.N, Dr. Ogi?"

Remember the days when you were in College? Aside from the work,
assignments, clinic, instructors, etc., you had a ball! Parties, clubbing,
girls, guys; it was fun. And that's what you wanted when you first started
practice - fun - before the reality of student loans got to you, and the rent
for your new office, and the bank loan for the office build-out, and those
pesky staff issues, and the new carpet that had to be laid down, and all
the other day-to-day "stuff" that somehow got in the way. Right? Absolutely.

You are all inundated with p.r.o.b.l.e.m.s., but you need to keep in mind
that it is just "stuff" and you are here for a most important mission - to
help as many people in your lifetime as you can - especially children!

So....What is it that happens to a doctor when he starts practice?
There is a transformation that somehow takes place. All of a sudden,
the interne changes from a pub-going, easy, fun-loving individual, to
a very serious doctor.

Many wear white lab coats, play classical or elevator music in their office,
wear shirts and ties from the 80's, and transform themselves into some
distant semblance of an MD they once saw on TV somewhere - complete
with the sliding glass window in the reception room, or even worse, some
similarity to a used car salesman. Ouch!

I say these things from experience. That was me! Yes, I had a lab coat
with bilateral stethoscopes in each pocket - just in case one didn't work.
And I was quick on the draw! I could whip one of those suckers out of my
pockets in no time flat! And the 14 pens in the left upper pocket, complete
with the vinyl pocket liner. And an army of tongue depressors. And I had
the letters RD emblazoned on the back of my lab jacket in case someone
couldn't figure out that I was a Real Doctor now! And Brahms or Chopin
with elevator accompaniment were playing on the office stereo system -
and everyone was comatose - including me!

But....I was ready!

.....Until I realized that I was living MY life. That was it! This was what my
education prepared me for! Yikes! I looked in the mirror and saw a stuffed
turkey! Double Yikes!!!!

And I realized that it is absolutely and totally Ok to actually have fun while
you are living your life!

WOW! There's a concept! And that people actually preferred my nutty side!
And that it was totally ok to have fun in my office- and that patients actually
enjoyed and loved my crazy antics and being teased to bits & pieces! ....and
being loved at the same time!

Listen.....BJ once said this: "Don't take yourself too damn seriously."

People like to go where the atmosphere is relaxed, where people are laughing,
hugging, dancing to the tables to the beat of amazingly energetic flamenco
music, where kids have so much fun they don't want to leave, and where every
patient feels that the office is all about them - and it is!

That only happens when you are relaxed yourself.
And when you are on purpose and on fire - when you look at your hands at the
end of your day, those amazing instruments of healing, and need to put out
the flames - you have arrived! hope is that you relax and let that wonderful child inside of you, out
to play!
Have fun, be a nut - your patients will love you for it.

Here's what I suggest for those of you who just can't see the forest because
all the damn trees are in the way:

Have a staff meeting and ask your staff (or wife/husband/lover/toyboy, etc.)
what you could all do to let loose and have fun while playing doctor.

What a concept!

Your inner child will connect with all the other inner children out there and a
wonderful transformation will take place - you will actually have fun.

So go out there and do it!

Warmest wishes,
Dr. Ogi Ressel